Naples Fishing Pier
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By 1924, the ever-growing Naples Hotel required professional management and Peter P. Schutt, who had previously managed the Bradford Hotel in Fort Myers, was hired.  In a letter written to a prospective guest on December 7, 1924, he stated, “I thank you for your letter.  Our hotel is conducted on the American Plan.  Rates for room without a private bath, $42 per week, for a single room with private bath $56 to $70 per week.  For a double room with private bath, $88 to $140 per week.  I note that you have spent several winters at Fort Myers.  I, myself, have been there for ten years and find that Naples, being right on the Gulf, is much more delightful as a resort and furthermore, we have a very lovely hotel here.  So much nicer than anything at Fort Myers, that I think there is no comparison between the two places, for one to spend the winter.  I am sure that these inducements should bring you to Naples, instead of returning to Fort Myers.”


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The Old Naples Hotel (#4)

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